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Tatu 59

Lesbews - Lesbian News

Posted on 2008.05.18 at 19:24
Current Music:: Armor For Sleep - Slip Like Space
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Here's a fact: The only people who slept better than me last night are sleeping the long dark sleep of the soul (i.e. they are dead). I slept like something out of a book. Not a very good book mind you and I can't even think of any book which might be appropriate for this simile but who cares. I've made this simile now and I'm going to stick by it because if you don't stick by similes then what has the world come to? Next thing you know we'll all be murdered in our beds by grammar nazis and they'll puncutate our dying thoughts with their blood red ink of hate. Or something.

Anyway what's going on on this daft old planet? I reckon it's time to do some of my new item... Lesbian News! Things about lesbians what's going on with them and to them and possibly from them all over the world. Unfortunately for us all todays lesbian news is of a more sombre variety than what I would have picked out for the premiere edition of Lesbian News. So instead of telling you about how two heavily harrassed lesbians killed themselves I'll make up some Lesbian News for us all to enjoy.

Well here we go. News just in. Coven of Lesbian Witches Given Sexy Lesbian Award. A Bunch of Sexy Lesbian Witches were given a sexy award from the Bureau of Sexy Lesbianness yesterday for their services to sexy lesbians everywhere. They erm... okay I don't really know where I'm going with this story. Consider Lesbian News postponed until something significantly more real and significantly less depressing happens.

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