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Doctor Who - Rose

The Purple Smoke Of Transformation

Posted on 2008.05.17 at 20:05
Current Music:: Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water
Isn't it weird how on one day after you've been up all night you can be wide awake all day long and be productive and do things and everything and on another day after having a relatively early night you can be exhausted all day long and nearly fall asleep several times?

Nevermind. Just watched Doctor Who and it was good.

I can only really fault it in one area: the transformation between wasp and human forms. Normally Doctor Who is brilliant when something has to transform into something else. And the wasp itself was top-notch. But it gave the impression that one day while filming the special effects team had all gone mysteriously missing (possibly they'd been kidnapped by the Mary Celeste or something, who knows?). Their disappearance meaning that the work experience kid has to try and do the special effects for those scenes. Possibly a work experience kid who listens to rock music and has long hair and was high at the time. He slinks off home to edit the thing in photoshop or whatever. Sticks on a bit of Deep Purple - Smoke on The Water, and suddenly he's hit pure inspiration. The perfect way for humans to transform into wasps. Purple smoke and then just swap from one to another. Brilliant.

Okay maybe I am taking it too serious but if I was a vespoid or whatever it was called I'd be looking for a refund on my special powers right about now. Plus I hate wasps.

I probably need to update my icon I use for Doctor Who related posts as well.

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