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Tatu - Lena 1

Let's Randomly Review Things Like It's 1999!

Posted on 2008.05.15 at 23:52
Current Music:: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Catch You
Okay so I said I'd definately have content in my post today so in a desperate move to have something to actually talk about I've brought back the Random Review. This classic feature involves me going onto wikipedia, hitting random article and writing an extensive (if not accurate, or even well informed) review of whatever comes up. This week: The Swipe (the breakdancing move).

So according to wikipedia the Swipe is one of the most recognisable power moves in breakdance. But then again anyone can edit wikipedia. How are we to know that the Swipe is one of the most recognisable power moves in breakdance. If I felt like it I could tell the world that the Swipe is a special move that can only be performed by breakdancing elephants on a surfboard. Okay it sounds less believable than the thing about it being a power move but who cares. This is wikipedia. Nobody expects it to be accurate. If people wanted accuracy then they'd stay tuned right here of course. Okay my journal isn't an encyclopaedia but it's bloody accurate. And it could be an encyclopaedia if I wanted it to be. And what a surprise, I just decided this morning that I want to convert it into an encyclopaedia. It's going to be called Borangepaedia, and coincidentally the first article I'm writing for it is about the Swipe, the breakdance move. Here. See what you think.

So in conclusion I have my own wiki which I narcissistically record facts about myself on, anyone can edit wikipedia so reviewing anything found on there is pointless, you can have some real fun just messing around with words to make everything sound ludicrous and absurd, and i should post this quick as if I don't do it in the next nine minutes then I will have gone a day without updating my livejournal (thus causing the universe to implode and setting the New Year's Police on me).

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