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Amy Winehouse

Writer's Block: Where am I in the garden?

Posted on 2008.05.13 at 22:55
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What vegetable or fruit do you relate to most?

The day I start relating to fruit and vegetables above humans is the day that some men in white coats'll come and make sure I can't do any harm to anyone. Hell I'll even call them myself. So here's a quick summary of the day: Get up, watch Chuck (It was halloween and Chuck and Morgan were wearing a two person sandworm costume (like off of Dune) It was awesome.), shower, cut hedge, panic about going to the dentist for a few hours, go to the dentist for a few hours, come back, eat food and watch 24, World of Warcraft, now.

See that's why I don't do information about what has actually happened during my day. It's boring. It makes people want to either a) stop reading, b) kill themselves or c) kill me. So in the future I'm doing less of that and more gibbering about lesbians. Bye!

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