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Tatu 21

GTA IV Criticism!

Posted on 2008.05.08 at 20:03
By the power of the internet I bring you news that although most of GTA IV is great there is at least one problem with the controversial new game. (By the way I don't know why I'm talking like I'm a newspaper. I'll try and stop that.) The problem I'm having is to do with the shooting while in a vehicle. You may have heard/experienced that the old GTA method of just shooting whichever way the camera is looking is long gone and now it is done in the form of a moveable crosshair. The main problem with having a movable crosshair is you have to move it and excuse me if I'm being an idiot but I have a hard time dodging through traffic chasing after some gang member while also adjusting a crosshair. If I am being an idiot and there's a perfectly simple button I can use to lock my aim on to the enemy then please let me know and I'll retract all previous statements and replace them with mindless GTA IV is great wittering. Thank you!

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