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Tatu 16

Writer's Block: Smashed

Posted on 2008.05.01 at 18:25
Current Music:: R.E.M - Imitation of Life
If you had a crowbar and could smash anything in your home or office, what would it be? Why?

Nothing, I like my home and I don't have an office. Also why would anyone when presented with a crowbar instantly think 'hmmm i should smash up something from my home or office'. If there's something in my house (that isn't an uninvited insect) then it's usually there because I want it there. Smashing it is not helpful. Unless it's an easter egg in which case it means it's easier to eat.

Also this is hardly a hypothetical question. "If you had a crowbar and could smash anything..." Well you could buy a crowbar quite easily if you really wanted to smash things and then you could smash whatever you wanted. There's nothing even slightly hypothetical in this question. The real question should be "If you had special smashing powers and could smash anything in the world what would it be and why?" Although when presented with that question I would still make fun of the idea of super smashing powers. So I guess you can't win them all. Or any of them actually.

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