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Tatu 15

Sold Out

Posted on 2008.04.30 at 19:52
Current Music:: The Wombats - Lets Dance To Joy Division
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Grand Theft Auto IV for the Xbox 360 appears to be sold out. To celebrate/commiserate (more commiserate since I don't actually have a copy) here's a poem written by Robert Rankin.

"The ice cream truck was sold out,
the last batsman was bowled out,
and foolishly I strolled out,
into the light of day.

The umpire some say passed out,
the moment that the last out
had sworn or cursed or cast out,
that final hip hooray.

The only way to find out,
is when you're told to mind out
just stick your big behind out
bend at the knee and pray.

And when you know you're wiped out,
and chivvied up and striped out.
And rolled,
and bowled,
and passed,
at last,
and stood like Nelson at the mast.
Then you can say it's in the past,
that bastard's ice cream sold out.

You'll know it when you drop out,
the ending is a cop out."

I know that poem practically off by heart. Well I say practically off by heart but it isn't very practical really. I mean practical implies that you're doing something that may one day have some use and I hardly think at any point in my life I'll be required to recite a poem, or quote Robert Rankin. But I suppose should anything of that description ever occur I'll be well prepared.

Also I've done a subscription to World of Warcraft. The game is good, it's not the game's fault that I can't escape from the relentless crush of the annoying idiots who populate the game. Well I suppose it is actually because Guild Wars always allowed me to escape from the relentless crush of the annoying idiots who populate that game.

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