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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Metaphorical Rope Climbing and Limbo Dancing

Posted on 2008.04.29 at 15:55
Current Music:: Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime
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So Sunday Night comes along and I think to myself "hey what's the deal with all this sleeping that we're all going about doing? That doesn't accomplish anything. I bet we could probably function just as well without it." Usually when I update this journal I liken it to climbing a rope (I don't really but I do liken yesterday's update to the metaphor I'm going to use so just pretend that I do do what just said I do (No I'm not still awake from yesterday, that sentence just got out of control)). I start out at the bottom and then try and be clever and amusing and get the quality all the way up to the top possibly even exceeding expectations. However yesterday felt like limbo dancing where the pole was people's expectations and I attempted to crawl right underneath them.

Grand Theft Auto IV came out today. Not as gay because that's a stupid use of the phrase came out. I meant it was released in shops. I just have to wait for Amazon to get mine here, or should I get bored of waiting run down to the shops and see if it still in stock anywhere. I figure it'll probably be the second option and it will probably happen tomorrow.

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