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Tatu 14

Ridiculous Sleepness

Posted on 2008.04.28 at 21:05
Don't expect this entry to be any good. Aside from the rubbish title, I mean Ridiculous Sleepness... that's a ridiculous title for anything, I was up till half past five this morning and then up again at half past eight. A bit more sleep than I was running when I stayed up all night a few weeks ago but not enough to guarantee that anything I write makes sense to anyone except myself. So before we venture on with this entry I want you to lower your expectations and I won't write another word until you do so.

Go on then. They've got to be lowered further than that. It's your own time you're wasting. Okay? I suppose in terms of low expectations that'll have to do. If I was in more of a good writing mode I'd write about how that would a book by Charles Dickins which was absolutely rubbish. However since I am tired and that would have soared over your lowered expectations I'm just going to give up. Bye!

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