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Tatu 10

Writer's Block: I'm So Excited...

Posted on 2008.04.24 at 10:01
What most excites you about the way you're living your life right now?

...And I just can't hide it. I'm about to lose control and I think I like it.

A song many people will remember mainly from the Crunchie adverts that grace our television screens intermittently. I'm not one hundred percent sure why such a song would make you want to buy Crunchies. Looking at it objectively none of the lyrics apply to Crunchies. "I'm so excited." Unless you've lived under a rock for ten years surviving on a diet of nuts and berries and suddenly and unexpectedly had a Crunchie thrust towards you, you are unlikely to be terribly excited for a Crunchie. "And I just can't hide it." False. There are loads of places to hide a Crunchie. In your shoe, in your pocket, in the trunk of a hollowed out oak tree near the river, under a rock, in a desk drawer, the possibilities are endless. "I'm about to lose control." Still not feeling all that excited about a Crunchie. "And I think I like it." Not the best way to sell a product is it? I think I like it? Wouldn't a more ringing endorsement be I bloody love it or something. Bad song! You are not applicable!

I suggest the following changes:

"This will be quite nice. It's at a nice price. I'm about to eat a Crunchie and I quite like it."

There you are. Catchy and applicable.

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