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Tatu 9

The Soothing Sound of Silver Sheep

Posted on 2008.04.23 at 12:00
Current Music:: Toto - Africa
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Sometimes I like to give my entries weird titles because I imagine a future version of me looking back through previous entries (not due to narcissism but due to looking for some peice of random information or something) and seeing something called, for example, the soothing sound of silver sheep and then just being bewildered what that might be about. So if it wasn't quite so self indulgent I'd write a message to my future self or something. Instead I'm just going to find something coherant and intelligent to say and then run off and have some dinner.

Ahem. Here comes the coherant and intelligent part of the entry: I had a dream about World of Warcraft last night. The end.

It wasn't a terribly good dream. It just appeared to consist of me running around trying to find a certain town which I didn't manage to find (not least because I'd already found it in the past and it was located in a different area). Bye then. I'm off to have some dinner.

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