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Tatu 8

Writer's Block: Happy Earth Day

Posted on 2008.04.22 at 10:39
Current Music:: Madina Lake - Now Or Never
What do you do EVERY day to take care of the earth's environment? What could you do more of?

Nothing. I don't like the environment and every advert or campaign I see which encourages me to reduce my carbon footprint makes me want to waste as much energy as is humanly possible.

Not the best of questions from my perspective. In the above paragraph there's everything I have to say about saving the planet and all that and since I hate just one line entries I'm going to have to make up some gibberish in order to make this seem like it was all worthwhile. I suppose there's many ways in which I'm not making the environment worse. I'm not for example sticking my vaccuum cleaner out of the window stealing all of the earth's wind causing wind farms to stop producing electricity while still allowing them to look stupid. I'm also not melting the glaciers with a hairdrier, causing the sea levels to rise and kill us all. I'm also not pouring gallons of crude oil into the sea or local swimming baths. So there's lots of room for improvement on my part. I must try harder.

Of course I'm not going to attempt to do any of this in case Captain Planet (who I believe is the organiser of the whole save the planet thing) comes and has me arrested or something. Whatever he used to do to people. Anyway that's quite enough of that. Off to the World of Warcraft!

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