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Tatu 7

Writer's Block: Almost Famous

Posted on 2008.04.21 at 11:31
Current Music:: Elliot Minor - Parallel Worlds
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What do you want to be famous for?

Does this have to be a real thing that can really make me famous? Like for example writing books and all that malarky? If yes then I probably want to be famous for that but if not then I'd like to be famous for just sitting around my house and playing on World of Warcraft. I know that is very unlikely to actually make me famous but the question wasn't "what will realistically make you famous" it was "what do you want to be famous for" and I want just want to carry on with my regular life and be famous for that. In an ideal world I'd be able to.

It'd be good to live in an ideal world wouldn't it? Actually it wouldn't just be good, it'd be ideal. You know there's all this theory about parallel dimensions and everything? Well I bet that there's one out there that's like at the top of the dimension spectrum (or whatever they're all contained in (a dimensiverse would be my guess)) which is like an ideal world. There's probably one right at the bottom of the spectrum that's an antideal world. Antideal isn't an actual word but I use it anyway which should demonstrate how far from ideal that world would be.

Sometimes I have a strangely appropriate track on here, where I claim to be listening to something which is appropriate to what I'm writing. Well in an ideal world I wouldn't have to make up the tracks that I'm listening to and guess what? Today I don't have to. I'm actually genuinely listening to something that is genuinely relevant to what I'm talking about. How awesome is that?

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