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Tatu 6

Writer's Block: Here's the Skinny...

Posted on 2008.04.20 at 09:40
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Have you ever been skinny dipping?


Seriously? It's basic interview technique. Never ask questions that can be answered with one word. Ask instead 'what was it like when you went skinny dipping?' 'how would you feel about going skinny dipping' 'have you had any dreams where you are like Tony out of Skins but instead of messing around normal women you're messing around Greek Gods and anthromorphic personifications?' Actually that last question isn't terribly good because it's a yes or no question but at least it's more interessting than the skinny dipping yes or no question, and intriguingly the answer to that question is yes, I had one just last night. But all of this is getting away from the point. The point obviously is to talk about last night's Doctor Who.

I think the thing about all the bees going missing will be important, but at the moment it's a bit of a stretch because at this point I've claimed that the sonic pen being placed in the bin was important, that the two random prophecies from the people of Pompeii is important and seeing Rose again is important (although that one probably is important). So at the moment it's a bit of a hard sell. I think Donna probably has something on her back that is scaring the bees away or something. It's a good explanation because it ties two of the mysterious threads together. However it's a bad explanation because it's made of nonsense. Although I'd like to say the next time that The Doctor and Donna are in the present Donna will probably run into Mickey in much the same way she did with Rose. Then in future episodes set in the present she runs into Jackie (Rose's Mum) and then Pete (Rose's father).

Oh and the episode was good and exciting as well. I rather like the Ood.

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