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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Writer's Block: Back in Time

Posted on 2008.04.19 at 11:09
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If you could travel in time, which era would you visit and why?

I'm doing this question instead of todays which was so rubbish that I can't even remember what it is. Also this question could tie in with Doctor Who at some point and allow me to make comments about that. So without further delay on with the question.

Well to be 100% honest if I could travel in time I wouldn't use it to make the world a better place, or to fight interesting aliens in the manner of Doctor Who. No I would use my time machine to travel into the future and watch episodes of Doctor Who, Heroes, Lost, Supernatural, 24 and all that kind of thing that haven't aired yet. Selfish I know, but I'm a very impatient man who needs to see his shows. I wouldn't use it to go into the future learn the results of the lottery and then buy a ticket in the past with those numbers on. I wouldn't do this for two reasons. 1. It's such a cliche and 2. The lottery is fixed so that you wouldn't win anyway. Paul Daniels rigs it you know.

Nah but seriously I've just won ten pounds on the lottery (which of course I have to split with Paul Daniels, greedy swine that he is). And now I'm off. Bye!

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