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No Face

Rant Time. Time For A Rant.

Posted on 2008.04.18 at 17:11
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I've just figured out the one major problem with World of Warcraft. This is more major than the fact that enemies respawn under your feet or that you have to walk halfway across the world to get back to your body after you've died. No this is the number one worst problem with World of Warcraft.

People are cunts.

I remember the days when games were single player and you didn't have to deal with cunts coming along killing the enemies you need to finish a quest or accidentally getting you killed when attacking a larger than average group of enemies or just wandering up and killing the person you are escorting. Not immediately after you start escorting him. Not halfway through escorting him. No, seconds before the quest is up. That's when the cunts will descend upon you and ruin the quest. When not only can you see your destination, but if you reached out you could probably touch it.

It's no wonder the whole Jack Johnson 'video games make people violent' thing is still going on. It's not the violent ones that make people consider genocide. It's just games where you have to interact with twats like this. I'm willing to bet it was how Hitler started.

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