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Tatu 3

Writer's Block: Tax Day

Posted on 2008.04.15 at 19:32
Current Music:: The Used - I Caught Fire
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If you're getting one, how are you planning to spend your tax refund?

And if I'm not? What should I write then? How I'm not planning to spend it? Well for a start I'm not planning to buy a crazy golf course, a normal golf course, a tennis court, a crazy tennis court, a box containing the mechanical weevils of the apocalypse, a thousand spoons, a chocolate replica of my own head, easter oysters, Japan, the year 1877, a sculpture of a giraffe made out of potatoes, an iceberg called Alan, a ghost with arthritus, a basketball called Wilson, a horde of flying monkeys, a cornetto, why are you reading this list, the noise of a man falling down a ravine, a wig made out of straw, the sun, a million gallons of water, Aneka Rice, the colour blue, the number 23, the ashes of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a purple submarine, a kleenex used by Doctor Dre and the entire cast of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

So yep. There's a list of random objects which means I don't have to come up with anything clever to say today. Good for you if you enjoyed or even acknowledged the list. If not then chances are you aren't reading this either so screw you.

Although now I think about it I would buy the replica of my head made of chocolate and the cornetto. C'est la vie.

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