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Writer's Block: Home Alone

Posted on 2008.04.13 at 10:02
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What happened the first time you were left home alone as a child?

Two incompetant burglars tried to break into the house but luckily for me I had made a series of traps out of household items and well I can't remember how the film ended. I mean how my first experience left home alone as a child ended but I suspect I probably killed them and buried them in the garden.

But seriously what kind of a question is that? How do I know what happened the first time I was left alone as a child? I was a child for christ's sake. I can't remember that kind of pointless information. I also don't remember what happened the first time a light bulb broke while I was in the same room. That is just pointless information that it's rather unnecessary to carry around with me. I can tell you what happened when a light bulb first physically exploded while I was in the room but that's different. It's a little more unusual. (I was playing on Guild Wars. I turned and investigated that the light bulb had exploded, put on the big light and continued gaming.)

Anyway Doctor Who was on last night and that was good. This will contain spoilers for the episode that was just shown. So if you want go and play with a ball of twine or something. You know however you'd usually spend your time.

Actually I was expecting Captain Jack to be there (when Captain Jack was first introduced he was a rogue time agent who was essentially a conman. He'd take a peice of space junk, park it in a dangerous location, like a world war or whatever and then make a deal with a time agent claiming it was something more important than it was. The idea was it would always get destroyed before the time agent found out that it was just space junk. He said he used to use Pompeii for this purpose. You just had to make sure to set your alarm on volcano day (a phrase that was paraphrased rather well by the Doctor at the start of the episode)). It was good. Notice how the person who could see the future said 'she's coming back' to the Doctor and 'there's something on your back' to Donna (I'm going to call her by her character name now for reasons explained further on). This obviously means that Rose is coming back (probably with Cybermen in tow) but what it could mean for Donna i'm not sure. Some kind of alien parasite possibly?

Anyway I think I quite like Donna now. She's grown on me a bit because she's better than Martha. She's far more interesting than Martha ever was. I think Martha was just there to give the Doctor someone to talk to. Donna on the other hand has a strong personality and is rather funny at points. So thumbs up for her.

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