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Tatu 29

Writer's Block: *Lightbulb Goes Off*

Posted on 2008.04.11 at 10:10
Current Music:: Madina Lake - One Last Kiss
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What was the last great epiphany you had?

Now that sounds like a good question. I have no good answer to it but just look at the way it uses language: The Last Great Epiphany. Someone should start a band called that. I don't even care what the music would be like I'd buy an album anyway, and then frame it and hang it on the wall. Okay probably wouldn't frame it or hang it on the wall but I'd definately think it was really good.

As for a last great epiphany that I had well it's not as good or clever as anyone could hope for it to be. In fact it's probably the last mediocre epiphany that I had but it's an epiphany so I'm bloody well telling you about it. I was watching Dirty Sexy Money yesterday and there was this man who was a spy in it and I was sat there like 'hmm, he seems familiar' and his voice was really familiar but I couldn't place it. Anyway later in the day after watching Dirty Sexy Money and moving on with my life it suddenly came to me. Chandra Suresh off of Heroes. Okay so it probably isn't a legitimate epiphany because it did suddenly come to me when I was reading the filmography of the actor in question, but I don't particuarly care. Great epiphanies only occur in blockbuster movies. The rest of the world have to make do with mediocre epiphanies recognising characters from other programs. In my case I have to make do with faux epiphanies where I realise only after being told. To be fair I did recognise that Juliet Darling off of Dirty Sexy Money was also Anna off of The O.C. And I didn't even need a filmography to tell me that. Aren't I dead good?

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