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Tatu 32

Writer's Block: My Secret Identity

Posted on 2008.04.07 at 10:45
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Describe your different personas.

No fair. Why don't they ask questions like this when I don't have World of Warcraft to play? A question like this with a range of personas like mine if answered correctly could provide hours of comedy gold. Or minutes of comedy silver at any rate. At the very least seconds of comedy copper. As it is I just feel like moaning about how my video didn't record the sound on last night's brothers and sisters. Hang on perhaps I can use that.

Well of course my main persona is a person who is annoyed about how shoddy my video recorder is.

I can't believe I went to all that effort to think of a clever way into a rant about how shoddy my video recorder is and then I get there and can't think of anything clever or important to say. I'm just giving up on this entry now. It's failed spectacularly. But know ye this: had I found a sensible way to respond to this question I'm almost certain that 99% of my personas are primarily concerned with lesbians.

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