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Doctor Who - Rose

Just a small town girl on a Saturday night looking for the fight of her life

Posted on 2008.04.06 at 09:58
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So now with nothing at all to do with the title I'm going to talk about Doctor Who. I'm definately not going to talk about Flashdance. Although if you think hard enough some similarities may occur (that's may occur. They probably won't).

Good I thought. Catherine Tate was obviously in it. But aside from that it was still good. Despite her being her she is actually a good contrast to the previous companions. And speaking of previous companions there seemed to be someone about the place who looked a lot like one of the previous companions if you know what i mean. That journalist. How much did she look like Martha? Okay probably not much but when I first saw her I was doing a bit of a double take thinking it was her. Oh yes and obviously mysterious Ghost Rose was there blatantly not telling Catherine Tate's mother where the bins were. Catherine Tate's mother is going to go and get the car and she'll think "hmm.... there's a perfectly good pen in here." So she'll have the sonic pen. Intriguing? No? Shut up! This is my journal, if I say something's intriguing it bloody well is. Anyway so Catherine Tate's mum is probably The Rani or something. Or she's a Dalek wearing a costume. There's no way such a casual discarding of a sonic pen cannot come back to haunt him. No way at all. And then there was the aliens, arguably the least threatening aliens ever but still the universe can't be completely populated with walking towers of evilness all determined to lash out at the human race. So all in all it was good but I would have prefered it had Catherine Tate's grandfather not gone completely mental when confronted with a flying blue box. Some kind of shock might have been preferable to the mental little dance he was doing all over the place.

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