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Tatu 38


Posted on 2008.04.03 at 11:04
Current Music:: P!ATD - From A Mountain Amongst The Cabins
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See what I did there. I combined the words Reaper and repeat to make a clever pun based on the fact that last nights episode of Reaper was a repeat which is just bewildering. The repeat not the pun, the pun is clever and clear. The decision to show a repeat however is extremely annoying and entirely unnecessary. Just show the series you damn E4. This is Britain and as such we won't kowtow to the ridiculous schedule of repeats inflicted upon the American people. We will rise up and destroy your tyrannical company and their evil empire of repeated episodes. We shall personally find whoever scheduled last nights repeat and do some very nasty things to him involving elastic bands and some scissors.

Although for the official record and I advise everyone not to rise up against E4 and attack whoever scheduled last night's repeat. I cannot advocate violence of any kind, especially not the kind that would surgically remove him from the gene pool.

(I'm not really angry about this I just don't have any new news so I thought a rant about some minor sleight would give me something good to talk about. I don't really mind either way. Although if you do rise up against E4 make sure you build some kind of television studio of your own and show their entire schedule. Otherwise the next person I incite rebellion against could be you!)

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