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Buffy - Willow and Tara

The Kitten Appreciation Society

Posted on 2004.06.05 at 18:24
Current Mood:: giddygiddy
Current Music:: Red Hot Chillis - Can't Stop
Okay, although I said I thought I was the only person in Britain to like Kitten and as such it was a waste of time making this club... well I now know two other people who appreciate Kitten and so we're going to form what I like to think of the Kitten Appreciation Society. There we will hatch diabolical plots to see that Kitten wins Big Brother, regardless of the fact that she is no longer in there... I'm sure they'll bring her back and stick her in that little room in a weeks time then we can watch as she gets revenge on all the housemates or breaks the house down, whatever.

Anyway, to all the Kitten haters that read this... be warned... this journal may get very kitten filled... with the content that is.

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