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Tatu 45

Writer's Block: Neurotic Behavior

Posted on 2008.03.27 at 10:57
Current Music:: Armor For Sleep - My Saving Grace
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What is the one thing you're most neurotic about?

I don't think I'm neurotic about anything really. My place is a mess (which I like because I prefer the lived in look rather than the sterile but tidy look) and I'm not 100% sure what else there is to be neurotic about. I always reckoned it was just cleanliness. If it applies to other things then maybe I'd be neurotic about xbox 360 achievements. But since that sounds like such a lame thing to be neurotic about I'm not going to.

Anyway here's a question for you: how the hell has WoW managed to get any players at all? Their games take ages to get here. Then ages to install then you need to download a massive update that'll take you all night and then once that's done all the servers seemingly go offline for no apparent reason. This game isn't giving me any real reasons to like it. If I didn't have a friend already on the game I might very well just give up with the damn thing and run away while I still have my sanity.

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