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Tatu 46

World of awkWardcraft

Posted on 2008.03.26 at 12:47
Current Music:: My Chemical Romance - Blood
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Okay so I've purchased and want to play World of Warcraft. As far as I'm aware this isn't some kind of crime. However the rest of the world doesn't seem to think so. After ordering it it's taken just under a week to arrive (okay that's more the fault of bank holidays and that but bank holidays are evil as well and can go screw themselves) and now it's finally turned up it wants to download an update that will reputedly take 12 hours to download. Lovely. I'm surprised that WoW has managed to get any players when the game is this totally and utterly awkward to load. I feel like I'm undergoing some kind of an ordeal. Ordeal by awkwardness or something. In the old days they used to try witches by burning them alive or drowning them. Attempting to play WoW would have been equally applicable.

Also I've been to the blood clinic this morning. Determined more than ever to ruin my life I have to go back there on the ninth. Lovely charming blood clinic. How I'd love to murder everyone in the damn place.

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