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Lily Allen


Posted on 2008.03.24 at 11:35
Current Music:: Blue October - Hate Me
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Okay so yesterday I was all happy with the world, eating easter eggs, using the easter egg box as an easter hat and generally having a whale of a time. It wasn't until this morning I remembered what easter represents. It represents an end to lent. Thus it represents the point at which I can start hating people for no rational reason once again. So here goes.

That Amy Winehouse and her drug related problems are so tired and boring that I wish she'd get her life in order and be happy. Hang on. That's not hate! I'll try again. That Kate Nash's voice is so annoying that sometimes it annoys me. Wait that's not hate either. Lily Allen is actually quite attractive? Nope. I've forgotten how this whole hate thing works. I knew giving up something for lent would completely destroy my capacity to hate people intensely for no apparent reason! Why did I go through with it? Why?

Oh well it's probably for the best. It's not like hating Amy, Lily and Kate was achieving anything. Plus if I ever met them what are the chances that they'd sleep with me if I was seething, fuming full of hate and rage? Not very high I reckon. Now I've significantly pushed myself out of the throng of people and onto their collective radar I imagine. I'm just have to wait and I'm sure that the Amy/Lily/Kate/Me celebrity foursome will occur. Any day now I imagine.

That said I still hate Joss Stone. Stupid naive cow running around thinking she's better than everyone else. I'll kill her!


clairyh at 2008-03-27 13:56 (UTC) (Link)
an old post; but i spotted it and just had to agree on the joss stone point.

i hate her, and the flake advert is awful!
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