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Tatu 48

Writer's Block: "Nothing Sharpens Sight Like Envy"

Posted on 2008.03.23 at 10:44
Current Music:: Snow Patrol - Chocolate
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What quality in your closest friend are you most envious of and why?

I beg to differ. What about knifeeyes? Knifeeyes are more sharper than normal eyes, even if normal eyes have been tainted with the green film of envy. Anyway disregard that poorly thought out peice of pseudo-humour because I'm now going to actually answer the question.

The thing I envy in my friend is his focus, his ability to stick to something and do it until it's done. I just don't have the persistence to manage anything like that. Like for example I'm on Bioshock and I've done 49/51 achievements which is rather impressive in of itself. However I'm just 2 achievements away from 1100/1100 and all that I need to do is complete the game on the hard mode and I'm done but already my enthusiasm is waning, drifting away like a faint scent carried off on the breeze. Although in this circumstance it's probably acceptable (the thing that caused this enthusiasm waning is that I remembered that I'd have to do The Proving Ground eventually).

Anyway today is Easter. A time for eating chocolate eggs and doing Easter based activities, like noting my easter based strangely appropriate track and having egg hunts. So in conclusion: Merry Easter and a Happy Egg Year, or something.

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