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Tatu 49

Random Review - Peuerbach

Posted on 2008.03.22 at 23:06
Current Music:: Barenaked Ladies - One Week
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Okay so here we go then. The subject of this week's random review is Peuerbach. I know. I had no idea what it was either. My first guess was some kind of insanely powerful composer, like a superhero but he composes songs as well (by the way I'm reading Peuer as Power because I have no comedy that can be made out of Peuer).

Anyway did you see Dirty Sexy Money on Friday. That was good wasn't it? I think I'm naturally inclined to like the show even without prompting, because Nate off of Six Feet Under is in it. But I'd like it anyway as it looks like it's going to be very good. The Six Feet Under cast are doing well at the moment. Nate (Peter Krause) has Dirty Sexy Money, David (Michael C Hall) has Dexter and Claire (Lauren Ambrose) has the Return of Jezebel Jones (which I'm not sure what it is (I never saw the original Jezebel Jones) but it's just started in America and it's got Lauren Ambrose in it so it must be good). Anyway that's nothing to do with Peuerbach so if you were trying to work out how this applied to Peuerbach stop now before you give yourself a brain death.

Anyway Peuerbach is a place in Austria or somewhere. The wikipedia article is very informative and even has a picture of the town.

So okay still with me. Head back onto that wikipedia page and I'll amaze you at how good Peuerbach is. See that picture of Peuerbach? Well according to the information Peuerbach is a town with a population of 2,162. They all live in the four to seven buildings (the number dependant on what you would class as a building, although if you are going down that route you could arguably class every person in that picture as a building and let the chaos commence. Don't do that though. It would disrupt the narrative flow). Anyway 2,162 people in 4-7 buildings. That's the mark of a good town. The ability to cram lots of people into a small space? Of course not. That can't be the hallmark of a good town. It's probably the hallmark of an efficient town but not a good one. Don't look at me like that! As though this impromptu change of mind was somehow my fault! It's not my fault! At the start of this paragraph I genuinely had a reason for believing lots of people in a small space was a good thing, then someone broke my narrative flow. You know who you are.

Anyway that's enough about Peuerbach because it's quite obviously a lame town in which nobody would ever want to live, and which nobody could have anything interesting to say about. This review has been crippled by the infectious lameness of Peuerbach. Last week's review was great. There was lesbians and everything. This week there's just misunderstandings and too many people wedged into a small space. Like a can of sardines but an entire town's worth. Apparently people who try and escape are shot, decapitated and their heads are framed on Jezebel Jones' living room wall. And that's a true fact.

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