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Tatu 56

*Le Gasp*

Posted on 2008.03.15 at 20:46
Current Music:: Blue October - Hate Me
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Shocking news everyone... I actually like Kate Nash's latest single. Yeah I know I don't hate her for the purposes of hate free lent but hate doesn't mean I have to like her music. I think there must be something broke in my brain from not hating enough things. In order to fix it I'll have to do some hating, after all I am still allowed to hate things I have justified reason to hate.

So here we go... erm... Hitler... what a bastard. I hate him and his stupid racial cleansing and halocaust! And... erm... well I guess that's about it. I have completely failed in my attempts to properly hate people. That part of my brain must have died from lack of use and has probably been replaced with some kind of hippy crap that wants us all to be friends with the trees and whatnot. Either that or it's been absorbed into the part of my brain that thinks about lesbians. And it's all Hitler's fault! Damn you Hitler! Damn you and your electronic fish! I expecially hate that Hitler hasn't noticed by strangely appropriate track! Honestly if I see him he's going to get such a telling off.

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