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Devil May Cry - Lady

ICCP Of The Day - 5

Posted on 2008.03.15 at 10:42
Current Music:: Jimmy Eat World - Always Be
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So I completed Devil May Cry 4 on Dante Must Die Mode, so yay for that. However the subject of this entry isn't "Dante Must Die Completion Gloat" Although I should do that. That would be awesome (well not that awesome but whatever). No this subject is about inappropriately cropped celebrity pictures. So lets get going with them.

I'd said it before and I'll say it again. Gwen loves an inappropriately cropped celeb picture. She can't help but wander around posing for them. Believe it or not the pictures I've got of her were shot from when she was wandering around outside my house posing for ICCPs. And that's the truth (if you ignore all the words that suggest she was here and replace them with words to the effect that I got the pictures off of the internet.

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