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Tatu 57

Writer's Block: Eliot Spitzer's Resignation

Posted on 2008.03.14 at 11:21
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Do you think that Gov. Eliot Spitzer did the right thing by resigning his post due to his involvement with a prostitution ring?

Okay first things first. Who? What? Where? Why? How? Secondly it's unfortunate that the ideas of prostitutes and rings are often so closely juxtaposed. Thirdly why should I care about this man? Fourthly as dictated by society then yeah he probably did the right thing but that doesn't mean it's right. Because society is wrong. Prostitution shouldn't be illegal as long as it's between two consenting adults. It's one of those ridiculous archaic crimes that doesn't have any real victims. The only real victims are prostitutes marginalised by the laws, who are abused by pimps and all that kind of thing.

Anyway now that's the world put to rights now for news followed by inappropriately cropped celeb pictures. So I hear that the super lamb banana (see here) is coming to Manchester or something. This is awesome news because the Lamb Banana rocks (mainly due to it's part in a night of comedy by Ross Noble (here)). I don't really know the details but apparently it was on the news or something. I can't wait. Whatever happens it's got to be better than that thing with all those ugly looking ceramic cows a few years back (see here).

And it's time for inappropriately cropped celeb pictures. ICCPs I should really start calling them. It would save a considerable amount of time. Which I'm wasting more of by going on about how I'm wasting time. On with the feature I think.

So this is the only one I've been able to find so far which isn't Gwen Stefani (who loves an ICCP). This is of course Angelina Jolie in a seemingly more private moment. Anyway I'm heading off now before this entry spirals out of control and engulfs the planet in words... any more than it has done anyway.

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