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Lily Allen

Writer's Block: The Things We Carry

Posted on 2008.03.12 at 11:03
Current Music:: Jimmy Eat World - Always Be
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What do you always carry with you?

I was just going to say that I carry my mobile phone and my wallet around with me but now I'm here and I'm looking at the subject for this particular writer's block I'm thinking that perhaps this is supposed to be about emotional baggage that we lug about with us through our lives. Like a bloated ego or something. I was going to list a list of emotional baggage and all that then when I suddenly decided that I wasn't going to bother and instead I'd just prattle on about the usual.

So inappropriately cropped celeb pictures. They're harder to find than you'd think. You can't just slip inappropriately cropped celeb pictures into the search engine of your choice and woomph! out comes some inappropriately cropped celeb pictures. So here, for fear of repeating myself, is my other inappropriately cropped celeb picture. Lily Allen (who I like and who doesn't have an annoying voice or anything) and she definately looks like she's doing something suggestive with her hand. Well either suggestive, or downright pornographic.

I really wouldn't expect another one tomorrow. Seriously.


clairyh at 2008-03-12 16:02 (UTC) (Link)
hmm - you've tempted me into having a look now! the rest of today's workload will not get finished...!
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