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Tatu - Julia 3

Innappropriately Cropped Celeb Picture of the Day - 1

Posted on 2008.03.11 at 10:17
Current Music:: Doug Walker - The Mystery
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Okay so there's lots of good lesbian pictures out there I'm sure but after a quick search I couldn't find any good enough to make me want to put them on here as sterling examples of the craft. So instead I'm going to try out another feature. This one originates from an unfortunately cropped picture of Lily Allen who I probably still like because I don't think lent is over yet...
Anyway the picture looked a bit suggestive because of inappropriate cropping. And so the idea of inappropriately cropped celeb pictures began. Todays inappropriately cropped celeb picture is actually my livejournal icon. Not to imply anything but it certainly looks like Julia's enjoying herself...

No I don't expect this feature to last either. Especially since this and the Lily Allen one are the only inappropriately cropped celeb pictures I have. Strangely appropriate track? Well I'd have a go but it would be hard to find a track called 'the unfortunatene cropping of the picture makes it look like the black haired one out of tatu is having an orgasm'. Although if I had a band I would totally call one of our songs that. And even better I'd call her Julia Volkova rather than the black haired one out of tatu.


clairyh at 2008-03-11 15:14 (UTC) (Link)
haha, i've often seen that icon of yours and wondered about the rest of your picture!

amusing feature; i look forward to seeing your discoveries!
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