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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Return of the Random Review

Posted on 2008.03.08 at 02:16
Current Music:: Lene Marlin - Fight Against The Hours
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It's back and there's a hell of a review for you this week. No sinkhat dances or diatribes on the fundamental nature of obsenity and that's a guarantee. No, this week the review is reviewing something called Polish Club. Which could either be a nightclub in Poland or a well-polished club sandwich (although that would be disgusting) the possibilities are quite literally endless (for a given value of endless).

Anyway the first rule of Polish Club is you do not talk about Polish Club. So I can't actually review it...

No, because not only is the first rule of Polish Club do not talk about Polish Club. It's also rule 2, 3, 5, 8, 10-18, 22 and 26.

Okay strangely appropriate track time now. I'll explain it don't worry. So Polish Club is a bit like fight club and the word fight features in the name of the track: "Fight Against The Hours" so you see it is strangely appropriate. Okay so it's rubbish I admit, but it was the best I could manage. I don't have any songs about poland or polishing or rules or things. This'll just have to do.

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