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Buffy - Willow and Tara
Posted on 2004.05.30 at 02:10
Current Mood:: energeticenergetic
Current Music:: Alanis Morissette - Eight Easy Steps
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Well... Well... Well... last night I watched the last ever episode of friends... which was almost totally as I had foreseen. Then watched the start up of Big Brother, and I think it is going to be mildly more interesting this time as the house is full of people with actual personalities rather than the nobodies who they had in last year. I mean Jon was the only one I can remember from last years. Also the adverts proclaiming Big Brother to be getting evil weren't wrong... although the strange things on the wall did creep me out a bit.
Then today I tided up a fuckload of mess and clutter in my room, I was practically having to wade through paper beforehand, but now it is probably cleaner than ever.
My eBay items ended and we are just waiting for the cheques to come in now, before sending them off... I'm heading back around to my cousins tomorrow, so, lets put it to the vote, who'd rather see me in a sort of pirate headscarfy type thing, and who'd rather see me dressed as a jester? (just the hat I'm afraid.) Any input is very helpful... unless you just leave input to say that you like jam or something, that doesn't help me too much. :p

Anyway, I would continue my lengthy discussion of sheep at this point. although I rather don't see the point as sheep are too easy to dispose off... If you went in with a flamethrower you could have a lot of entertain in watching the reaction of the sheep as it slowly burned to death... then you have barbecued sheep... lovely. Although my favourite type of food has to be gammon steak with pineapple on the side... If you have no idea what gammon is, apparently it goes by a different name in the rest of the world. It might be pressed ham or something... pressed though I'm unsure of... I mean would it have undergone something like a trouser press or would some crafty meat maker have replaced the keyboard for it and some unsuspecting (and probably blind) gamer ends up pressing the thing? Thoughts would be appreciated on this as well... No letter too small, no mountain too far away, and no ghosts flapping about the place making a nuisance of themselves.

What is it with ghosts anyway, don't they have anything better to do than whisper snatches of ancient prophecy every full moon? Perhaps I'm cursed? Although with a curse you'd really expect them to call you names or something... calling you the Thane Of Glamis doesn't really have the same effect. In all probability they've got me confused with someone else... if a witch arrives at my door selling shiny red apples I'm going to click my feet together and bloody well hope I can go back to the last time I experienced normality. Actually this takes me rather neatly onto the subject of Derren Brown and his national seance... so how many of you are going to give it a go eh? I'm definitely going to be cowering under my sheets, with a notepad and paper and the letters of the alphabet arranged Ouija style with the wine glass and everything.

Anyway, going while my sanity is still in tact would be a good idea.


benderette at 2004-05-30 19:34 (UTC) (Link)
Yeah I am going to try out that Darren Brown thing too.
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