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Tatu 31

Writer's Block: Charmed, I'm Sure

Posted on 2008.03.04 at 11:43
Current Music:: Alanis Morissette - Surrendering
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What is a "charmed life"?

A charmed life is a life that is charmed. Hence a charmed life. It's either that or a life spent doing nothing but watching an american show about good witches. But it's probably the first one because the second one sounds like it would grate after a while and soon you'd be ready to kill.

So I was thinking that maybe a good question would be what it would be like if you were in Lost. Who would you side with, all that kind of thing. However I tried to write a good answer for this and it was a little sketchy at best. I reckon that I'd probably end up siding with the others, if only because I reckon they'd have more of a supply of warfarin (medicine necessary to stop my blood from going mental). Then again the island could fix my blood issues and I could be fine, in which case I'd probably be one of the background characters that does nothing in particular. I think this answer could do with a little work and I'll present everyone with the rough scripts at the end of the week. Anyway Saw IV for today. Here's hoping that it's any good. And here's also hoping that there's no unnecessarily gory brain surgery in this one.

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