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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Feature Failure

Posted on 2008.03.03 at 19:06
Current Music:: Killers - Bones
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I've kind of failed on my random reviewing of things and an my comparisons of songs that have had the same name for a couple of weeks now.

The reason my random review failed was because I was doing it and somehow I managed to insert the phrase 'he took the hat out of the sink and did a dance' into a review of some communist propaganda, then started to wonder what exactly everyone thinks is wrong with swearing. I figured this wouldn't make a terribly good review of communist propaganda. It would make rather a bad review of anything that wasn't a comedy/drama about a man who takes a hat out of a sink, does an amusing dance and then laments for twenty minutes on why certain words are seen as obscene while the rest of the language even if said with the same meaning is perfectly adequate.

Songs with the same name failed because I don't know enough about music to describe them in anything other than vague descriptions of the noises that the instruments make. Random Reviews will return once my brain has stopped with the insanity (as if that would ever happen) and Songs That Have The Same Name... who knows?

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