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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Lost: Via Domus

Posted on 2008.03.01 at 23:41
Current Music:: Armor For Sleep - The More You Talk The Less I Hear
Okay here we go. I'm going to review the brand spanking new Lost game. Please be mindful I haven't seen any of Series 4 and don't want to know (no Sky so we have to wait for DVDs).

I could go on and on about this all day because it's really doing my head in. So I'll summarise
1. Twice during the storyline does the main character go to sleep and wake up half a series later. Anyone who can do that needs a better doctor than Jack.
2. The voice actors are quite close to actual actors from Lost but just far enough from their voices to be incredibly irritating.
3. The gameplay is pointless, unfun and seems like it was an afterthought. (For example you can buy clips of bullets off Sawyer by trading various things found on the island for them. Nice idea. It would be even better if you didn't only need six bullets in the game. And that's including one bullet I fired in completely the wrong direction).
4. The gameplay situation is strange because it doesn't feel like they've put much effort into the storyline either.
5. The main character is impossible to like and has a ridiculous change of heart that occurs after a really obvious flashback that not only did YOU the player know what was going to happen in it. HE the character already knew what was going to happen in it and yet he is still shocked enough by the revelations therein (none) to have a complete change of heart)
6. I don't care at all about the main character's past. Furthermore it was billed that the flashbacks would intertwine with the lives of the other characters. Well lets see. You see Locke once and you read a sign that says Widmore on it. That's it. That's all the connection you have to the rest of them.
7. There is no point 7.
8. The dialogue is disjointed and seemingly designed to make character randomly shout out their 'catchphrases'. I.e. Locke's "Don't tell me what I can't do", Jack's "Live Together, Die Alone", Desmond's "What did one snowman say to the other snowman" (completely out of context by the way), and a bewildering "You All Everybody" with absolutely no context from Charlie.
9. Shannon? Boone? Rose? Bernard? Mr Eko? Libby? Walt? Ana Lucia? Hello?
10. The Ending. ? ... ?????

So in summary. It's not good. Go read a summary of the plot and save your money.

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