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Tatu 59

Writer's Block: Take a Leap

Posted on 2008.02.29 at 10:51
Current Music:: Madina Lake - Here I Stand
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What's the biggest leap of faith you've ever had to take?

I was so sure that today's question would be 'what is the best thing that could happen to you today' possibly with the bonus question 'how could that thing become a negative'. That would have at least been interesting because there's no stock answer as to the best thing that can happen (besides winning the lottery and then you have to detail things you'd do with the money anyway). I reckon if I had answered that question it might have gone a little something like this:

The best thing that could happen to me today would probably be me winning the lottery. Technically the lottery doesn't happen till tomorrow due to scheduling and everything but what are you going to do? Anyway so I win the lottery and with the winnings I buy a bunch of games and dvds and music and things. Plus it would stop me agonising quite so much as to whether or not to buy a wii. You see I want No More Heroes but I don't want to buy a console for one game (and also don't have the money). I've bought a console for one game before. It was called the gamecube. I don't think I ever even finished the game I bought the console for. Also continuing with the discussion of lottery winning I'd also get one of those Nintendo DSs. Same thing but substitute No More Heroes with Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. Why are there so many different game systems for games nowadays?
Anyway getting back to the winning the lottery portion of the answer (and away from the whining about the games industry portion of the answer) the way that this could possibly affect me negatively would be if I was to use the numbers and get cursed and all kinds of bad stuff started happening to me and then I'd end up crashlanding on an island somewhere and there'd be this monster all made out of smoke and these people called the others who had some grudge against us and there'd be this bloke leaving down a hatch who has to press a button every 108 minutes or the world would end and I'd be on the island for ages and wouldn't even lose any weight. Oh no wait, this isn't what would happen if I won the lottery. It's the plot of Lost. I always get them two confused.

So in conclusion I've just realised it's a leap day, thus the question about leaps of faith. My biggest leap of faith was when I was retrieving the holy grail I had to get it quick because some nazis had shot my father. So after going through a couple of other traps. I made my way to a massive ravine. The grail lay on the other side but there didn't seem to be any way across. Luckily the floor was just painted to look like a ravine. I got the grail, saved my dad, killed the nazis and escaped with the girl. Oh actually hang on that wasn't my biggest leap of faith that was the climax of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I always get those two confused.

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