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No Face

A quick note on Gordon Ramsey

Posted on 2008.02.28 at 03:45
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Okay I saw the first episode when that was on and I'm sure there was a moment where he took the owner/head chef outside and said 'you are the worst owner/head chef' i've ever met. And at the time I thought to myself in a cynical way "i bet he does that every week".
Because my cynical instincts are often correct this is true. It happens every week. However what my cynical instincts, lets call them cynstincts for short, forgot to mention is that every week the owner/head chef genuinely is the most appalling example of a chef that he's ever seen. They're getting worse. I can't believe the guy who was on tonight. He brings shame to people called Sebastian. He doesn't deserve that most noble and prestigious of names.


clairyh at 2008-02-28 16:22 (UTC) (Link)
gordon ramsey is not love - i really can't stand the guy.
cube_166 at 2008-02-28 17:12 (UTC) (Link)
He has a bit of a bad reputation but after watching the shows I'm not entirely sure why. I think the people that ask him to come and help out their restaurant and then refuse to take any of his advice come off worse.
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