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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Writer's Block: *blushes*

Posted on 2008.02.27 at 11:03
Current Music:: The Used - Earthquake
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What is the most common compliment you receive?

I'm rubbish at getting compliments and I feel the mere act of going around repeating them is like some kind of bloated egotism which should be stamped out at all costs. So instead of compliments I'm going to imagine that this question is about what a weird day I had yesterday.

Well I woke up with heel pains. Who has heel pains? Heel pains are not a recognised variety of pain. It's not like a toothache or earache or something. Apart from Achilies I can't imagine a single person who has ever had serious heel pains. Anyway after stumbling around for a bit and looking at the internet and all that it went away a bit and I got on with my day and went on Devil May Cry 3 and everything. Then I go downstairs for food and it's revenge of the heel pains. They were back with a vengeance. Anyway they passed eventually but even when they were gone it was like "heel pains wtf?"

So anyway I watched Dawn of the Dead off tape which I had taped a while ago and in fairness it wasn't bad. There were too many characters and it didn't have the same poignancy as the original plus there was too much of the zombie action. Dawn of the Dead the original wasn't so much a film about zombies as a film about people with zombies nearby. Also what the hell was going on with it all. If there was a zombie outbreak I'd be pretty damn certain of what was going on, how to stop them and that if you're bit by a zombie you become a zombie. I wouldn't be faffing and fumbling around all confused like they were. Surely at least one of them must have seen a zombie film. There's loads of them.
If you look at the remake as just another zombie film that shares some things in common with the original then it seems alright but as a remake it can't hope to live up to the original.

And lastly last night there was an earthquake and I didn't sleep through it. I know that some people elsewise in the country there was serious consequences but for me it was just the house having a bit of a shake. It was quite exhilarating actually and I wanted another one to occur shortly afterwards. Luckily for those people whose houses were falling apart or whatever it didn't.
Oh and also I accidentally sprayed some deodorant on my hand and it stunk. I had to wash it till it bled to get the smell off. Then it smelled of soap. Ick.

Anyway that's my day. I'm off to have another day now and I'll report in on this one tomorrow. Till then amuse yourself with my strangely appropriate track.


clairyh at 2008-02-27 14:08 (UTC) (Link)
i didn't even realise there was an earthquake until just now! yikes.

and ouch - heels pains sound sucky.
cube_166 at 2008-02-27 19:41 (UTC) (Link)
Yay! Nice to see you around again. As for the earthquake; No damage, just a couple of seconds of shakiness. If I'd been asleep I would have totally slept through it.
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