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Tatu 25

Writer's Block: Since I had to pick something...

Posted on 2008.02.26 at 09:20
Current Music:: Alien Ant Farm - Movies
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What aspect of your personality could use a little work?

Gonna ignore this question not because I think my personality is perfect (it's pretty damn good though) but because who talks like that. Like 'hmmm my talkativeness needs a little work' or 'my imaginativeness could due to be a bit higher' people's personalities are what they are. If they're different from other people's personalities it doesn't mean that they are broken. It means that are a different person. Dumb question.

In other news I suck at taping films on the TV at the moment. I taped The Bourne Identity on Saturday and stopped it a good deal after what was the listed end time of the film in the TV Guide but apparently not on the TV itself. This meant that I got to watch almost the entire film just without 'the big finale'. Rubbish or what? Anyway what I saw was good and I read the end on wikipedia so I think I'm ready to start watching sequels right left and centre.
The reason I stopped the tape after the Bourne Identity was because I wanted to tape The Big Lebowski on Channel 4. To my horror when I went to watch that I somehow started the tape ridiculously early and there's no way I managed to get the whole film on. So I didn't even try and watch that one. What I did watch was the Sixth Sense which was still good even though I knew what was going to happen. i.e. that Bruce Willis was a scary ghost throughout most of the film. Don't know why I bothered to do that. Everyone knows the sixth sense twist nowadays. I would imagine starving children in Africa could tell you the plot twist if you let them.

Strangely appropriate track and I'm done.

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