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Tatu 24

Writer's Block: Sticks and Stones

Posted on 2008.02.25 at 09:37
Current Music:: Casino Drive - Beautiful Lies
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What's the meanest thing you've ever said to someone?

"I probably couldn't afford you anyway". If it isn't the meanest thing I've ever said it's the only thing I've ever been slapped for saying. But rest assured I was totally justified to imply that whoever it was was a prostitute. She'd started it listening into a private conversation and I can't quite remember where it went from then but eventually the only sensible and rational thing to do was to imply that she was a prostitute.

So obviously now you've heard the whole story the whole incident makes perfect sense and I'm completely absolved of all the blame. If you really feel like you need to blame someone then go blame her. She brought it on herself with her listening in and everything. She's probably in some seedy casino of despair somewhere gambling her life away, crying and listening in to people's conversations. Okay probably not but just go with me on the casino thing. It might become strangely appropriate in a second or so.

So anyway off I go back into the world. What's that you say? Is my track strangely appropriate? Why yes I believe it is. Fancy that. It just happened by total accident. I didn't have to veer the conversation in that direction or anything.

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