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Kroenen 4


Posted on 2008.02.24 at 18:43
Current Music:: Lene Marlin - Another Day
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Since the end of the Century of Facts I've been using my time to play Gears of War. Okay that's not strictly accurate. It is strictly accurate but it's misleading. It makes the Century of Facts out to be some kind of a despotic villain occupying my life and preventing me from playing Gears of War when the Century of Facts wasn't like that. It was more a sort of daily afterthought, like "wha? I have to have a fact about myself?"

Anyway been playing Gears of War and been enjoying it and I was doing pretty well despite not understanding a whole lot of the plot. (I think for the plot you have to look Gears of War up on wikipedia or read the manual (but seriously who reads manuals (I just smell them because new manuals smell awesome))) but the gameplay is good and that's what counts. Suddenly though I find myself face to face with an evil looking bloke who killed my friend and I'm thinking 'huh, shouldn't he be like the end of the game boss or something' and then believe it or not... surprise! It's over! Surprise endings; the latest big thing from Epic Games. Also available at racially stereotyped massage parlours.

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