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Tatu 21

Writer's Block: Who Pays the Deductible?

Posted on 2008.02.22 at 09:55
Current Music:: Armor For Sleep - Car Underwater
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You crash your friend's car because you're driving too fast in bad weather. Everyone's okay, but the car has to go into the shop. Do you pay the deductible?

I have no idea what that means. Don't you deduct the deductible from the price? Isn't that why it's deductible? Anyway I'm going to assume that the question is 'do you pay a portion of the costs because you were driving?' and I say no.

But only because I can't drive and I don't want to drive. I'd be so terrified of crashing that I wouldn't drive a car, especially without training, even if I was paid to do so. Which means my friend probably had to coerce me into driving his car. Anyone who'd force someone to drive, who neither can nor wants to drive, deserves to have their car crashed and have to pay for it. It was probably a bit like that scene from Invasion where the robosherriff drives his car straight into something or other in order to kill whoever is in the car with him. Except better because we all know Invasion was rubbish and should be forgotten immediately.

Anyway that's it for this question apart from to note the strangely appropriate music that I'm listening to. Well I say strangely appropriate. It's almost strangely appropriate. If you don't believe me go and look.

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