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Tatu 20

A Century of Facts in A Centuryish of Days - 99

Posted on 2008.02.21 at 11:38
Current Music:: Faithless - Insomnia
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Fact 99: When I'm trying to sleep and can't I always think 'hmm if i can't get to sleep within say half an hour i'm going to give up and go and do something useful with my time, like watch Indiana Jones'

I then, with the motivation of a good film to watch if I stay awake try to stay awake and fall straight asleep. The exception to this rule is last night when after 45 minutes of lying there thinking with my brain I got back up and watched Torchwood on the BBC iPlayer (it makes the unmissable unmissable) and then Reaper what I'd taped. This fact isn't terribly interesting but as we've discovered over the previous 98 facts, facts don't need to be interesting they just need to be factual and this fact is nothing if not factual. Oh my god, is that the time? It's time to go and live my life 'o' clock. I best be heading off.

(note the strangely appropriate music that I'm 'listening to'. Good or what?)

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