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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Data Influx 100% And Other Sci-fi Garbage

Posted on 2004.05.27 at 23:09
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Current Music:: Alanis Morissette - Eight Easy Steps
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Right. Now... what was it that's happened... damn... i've forgot... Well that was a good start. I know... I'll go out and come back in and when i do I shall hopefully have one tiny scrap of my life thus far which I can remember.
Well anyway, today I was up in Manchester City Centre, to have a look at the Opera House (Ross Noble will be there on the 16th June). I still can't believe I'll be in the second row. So, anyway I now know my way to and from the Opera House, so I won't be running around screaming at the top of my mouth, which isn't very advisable at any time... People look at you strangely when you start doing that. I bought myself the new Alanis Morissette album today, and so far, i'm really enjoying the first song but i'm not struck on the others. Which is the total opposite for Franz Ferdinand and Snow Patrol which I got the other week.
I have been on Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time quite a lot recently and have completed the game in 4 hours and 46 minutes (which is like an all time best or something) and then on my second go I'm going for even faster also trying to use less rewinds... So far I've used 12 which is like a single battle normally, but then i have discovered the most sublime way of killing the enemies, which I think is giving me the edge.
I'm back onto Terry Pratchett books again, and have been reading Men At Arms, which is one of my favourites... along with Moving Pictures of course, although I like the style with which Feet Of Clay was written more than Men At Arms, as you can quite easily tell who the perpetrater is throughout Men At Arms, but Feet Of Clay is a proper mystery.
I was up at my cousins the other week... got a photograph took of me. Then we played Timesplitters 2 for a while. We're up to Wild West on Hard difficulty now... as a team me and tom, well we rock! yes, that's right... we rock your socks off... I mean in neotokyo we were moving around, i using the terminal uplink to keep us safe and tom using the sniper rifle to snipe out the cameras. It was great.
Oh, also does anyone remember Ourprice, i cannot believe that that place still runs... I think the last adverts i saw for it were back in like 1997 or something. I mean logically that place should have haemorraged like the big haemorraging machine that it is. Well anyway I was in there on monday getting some music... bizarrely there has actually been quite a bit that I have been compelled to buy recently.
Did I mention I got a t.A.T.u DVD? well that's great... theres even some bits where they sing stuff as well... I was like, what the hell? I didn't know they were singers. Oh! And I've watched that Bruce Almighty as well... now when I went to see that Eternal Sunshine of the infinitely elongated title, that was the kind of thing I was expecting. Films which have Jim Carrey but which are serious should be required to carry some kind of caution sticker or something... 'Caution: this film is not a comedy'. That sounds like the most logical thing that could happen. Could? well i mean... should probably... erm... argh! I don't know... neither do I particularly care.
So, yeah, I've got this chemistry exam tomorrow, and afterwards I finally get to tell the bastard teacher how much I absolutely hate him, and hope i never see him again in my life... I'd extrapolate further but just thinking of him puts me in a murderous rage... It's a practical exam, so I'll probably have to do a titration, which is one of the worst experiments (or most evil experiments ever devised). My only consolation shall be that later tomorrow the very final episode of friends will be on, and I can stop changing the channel during advert breaks... You'd be surprised at the sheer levels of garbage that you can see when trying to avoid final episode spoilers. Then Big Brother will be starting and I have my aunt coming around, along with my cousins... so this'll be a very insane night... one of my cousins is as insane as i am... the other is like a total sleep addict. You wouldn't believe how much he sleeps, honestly. I suppose I'm the total inverse of him really, I'm always full of energy and I hardly ever sleep. Then my aunt... there are no words to describe how mad she is... And deaf too probably... the TV is always like a total wall of sound when she is around.
Well, thats my life for now... I'll see you lot the next time I get really bored with not remembering things.

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