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Tatu 17

Writer's Block: Last Twenty Pounds

Posted on 2008.02.19 at 10:48
Current Music:: Rooster - Platinum Blind
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List three things you'd buy with your last $20. One practical, one frivolous and one of your choosing.

Last £20? How is it the last? Define where all the rest of my money has gone! Is this like last £20 as in the last day to live thing. This question although seemingly a good question at first glance is ill-defined! Is this a £20 per each item or do I have to find a frivolous, practical and other item that adds up to £20? Answer me you inanimate object! I demand answers!
That said I would would probably buy a ruler as something that's practical, because rulers are nothing but practical. There's very little you can do with a ruler that isn't practical (besides that). Then I'd buy an ice sculpture of a swan. That's pretty frivolous right? I don't even want one, that's how frivolous that is. For an other thing I'd buy a cake. Good old cake.

I think that ice sculptures probably cost a bit more than £20 but I don't care. I'd take a loan out or something. It's a hypothetical question so I'm buying a hypothetical cheap ice sculpture from a hypothetical ice sculpture shop.
In further news note the strangely appropriate track. Well it's strangely appropriate via the lyrics which is about blowing all your money on things. Isn't it weird how I keep listening to these tracks which relate to things that I'm talking about? No? Oh well never mind.


clairyh at 2008-02-19 12:55 (UTC) (Link)
haha, brilliant.

i didn't answer this one for similar reasons - i would definitly be more concerned that it is my last £20 rather than what to buy with it.
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