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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Unhappy Halloween

Posted on 2004.05.25 at 00:30
Current Mood:: boredbored
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Seriously Halloween has to be the worst holiday ever. Seriously what is the point in this holiday. Stupid poxy children dressing up in garbage which costs money to hire/buy or, in extreme cases, make and is never used again. Then when these children come around to your house being all sticky and stupid and generally deserving a slap about the face, and you have to give them sweets otherwise they can throw stuff at your house... Whoever came up with this stupid holiday was surely a few brain cells short of a picnic. I think that all children should be kept inside on Halloween until they have enough common sense to, well, not go knocking around on peoples houses and demanding sweet substances.

By the way for anyone wondering, I do live in a little world of my own and things don't exactly work with the two timescales... or something... your load of bullshit answer is as good as mine.

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