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Tatu 13

Writer's Block: It's Hard to Describe

Posted on 2008.02.17 at 10:27
Current Music:: The Used - Hard To Say
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What is one thing you struggle to describe?

Well I'd tell you but it's kind of hard to describe. Nah, what I find hard to do that falls into a rough approximation of this category to is giving definitions of simple words. Like for example words such as 'like, the, it, they and so on'. I know what they mean I just find it hard to articulate that meaning. This wouldn't really have been a problem for most people because well how often do you need to give definitions of things unless you're writing a dictionary? But back when I was at school my English teacher always insisted on asking me to give definitions of things, just because she was evil spiteful and mean.

In other matters I'm not very good at giving descriptions of things either. Like descriptions of people. Yeah sure I can tell people their hair colour, eye colour, beard yes or no, and all that kind of business but when it comes to face shape or physique or anything that I reckon requires some kind of specialised vocabulary that I don't possess then I'm not very good. It seems theres quite a bit that I can't describe all things considered.

Also note the 'strangely appropriate' song.

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